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Patience Important for 2017 Planting

By Barb Baylor Anderson The hint of an early spring may have farmers itching to get into the field, but crop specialists warn farmers to be patient. The calendar remains… Read more

Corn: Building on a Strong Foundation

By Maria Brown Grower needs are diverse, fields and soil profiles are highly variable, and the pest problems that plague crops, they’re always evolving. The NorthStar Genetics staff knows this… Read more

Corn and Soybean Market Outlook for 2017

By Melanie Lundheim Throughout the upper Midwest, Great Plains, and Mississippi River Region, the United States (U.S.) experienced ample rain and moderate temperatures in 2016. This led to high annual… Read more

What’s in Store for Weather

By Maria Brown Consult a calendar, scan news headlines, or take a step outside — there’s ample evidence that winter has arrived. Much of the country, in addition to the… Read more