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The Enlist™ Weed Control System

A Look At
New Technology

Resistant and hard-to-control weeds pose a growing challenge for modern farming. We're always on the lookout for promising trait and herbicide technologies to help growers control weeds without sacrificing yields. That's why we're so excited to offer Enlist E3™ soybeans, part of the Enlist™ weed control system. Adding tolerance to 2,4-D choline in Enlist herbicides, the Enlist weed control system advances herbicide and trait technology by building on the glyphosate and glufosinate systems - providing unrivaled weed control.


Leading Trait Technology.
Exceptional Weed Control.

The Enlist™ weed control system, with tolerance to 2,4-D choline in Enlist herbicides, builds on the glyphosate system in soybeans. It also adds tolerance to glufosinate in soybeans. By expanding crop tolerance and delivering unrivaled weed control, the Enlist system helps you maximize yield potential.

Herbicide Tolerances
Herbicide tolerances:
  • New 2,4-D choline
  • Glyphosate
  • Glufosinate

An easy fit for your operation

Enlist E3™ soybeans are compatible with nearby nonsusceptible crops such as soybeans without the Enlist trait, corn, alfalfa and wheat. You can apply Enlist herbicides on Enlist E3 soybeans planted right next to these nonsusceptible crops without a buffer.

Field-tested performance

Enlist Duo® herbicide was applied at a high rate to Enlist E3 soybeans and soybeans without the Enlist E3 trait. Enlist E3 soybeans showed no injury. Soybeans without the Enlist trait showed significant injury.

Enlist E3 Trait in Soybeans


Exceptional Weed Control
To Fit Your Needs.

Made for use with soybeans with the Enlist™ trait, Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides each feature 2,4-D choline with Colex-D® technology.

The result: unrivaled weed control designed to land and stay on target.

Control of tough weeds

Even the toughest weeds don't stand a chance, including:

  • Common ragweed
  • Giant ragweed
  • Morningglory
  • Palmer amaranth1
  • Marestail1
  • Velvetleaf
  • Lambsquarters
  • Waterhemp
Enlist E3 Soybeans
Enlist Duo
  • Convenient blend of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate
  • Two modes of action to deliver control and help prevent resistance in your fields
Enlist E3 Soybeans
Enlist One
  • Straight goods 2,4-D choline with additional tank mix flexibility
  • Ability to tank mix with glufosinate and other qualified herbicides, customizing the ratio of herbicides to match each farm's needs
Colex-D Technology

2,4-D choline with Colex-D technology enables on-target applications, delivering unrivaled weed control to protect your crops.

Wide application window

Same application window you're used to with glyphosate herbicide.

Enlist E3™ soybeans
No later than R2 (full flower)

Management Resources

Get the most from the Enlist™ System.

The Enlist™ Ahead management resource provides the tools, training and rewards to help farmers get the best results from the Enlist system - today and for the future. From management recommendations to technology advancements, Enlist Ahead is designed to help farmers make on-target applications and responsibly manage resistance in the field.

Tools and resources

Easy-to-follow best management practices and resources allow you to apply Enlist herbicides with confidence.

Education and training

Enlist 360 training demonstrates how this advanced system performs - and how to make the most of this technology in the field.

Exclusive rewards

Exclusive access to reward programs help you get the best results from the Enlist system.

Enlist Ahead Logo

Enlist Ahead offers growers benefits such as the Enlist Ahead app to plan herbicide applications and prevent resistance.

Enlist Ahead App
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