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We Are Focused

We know beans, and we take that statement seriously. Soybeans are our primary product and we “scour the country” for the best. We extensively grow and test our seed locally and, combined, our owner/conditioners represent over 250 years of seed growing experience which is unmatched in our industry. This experience proves our approach works and enables us to give you feedback on what is going to work on your farm. We are passionate about soybeans and dedicated to helping you grow successful crops year after year.

We Are Local

NorthStar Genetics seed is grown locally by our owners/conditioners on the same ground as yours. We cover a broad geography and can provide testimonials and recommendations from local growers, so you can grow NorthStar Genetics seed with full confidence that it will perform on your farm.

We Are Personalized

Good seed comes in different packages, and we know farmers need options. If you are a farmer who has a longer growing season, we have seed to give you the yield you expect. If you have a shorter season, we have early maturity beans to get you into the harvest window. Cyst nematode? We’ve got you covered. IDC tolerant beans? Just tell us where to deliver them. Since weed resistance is a growing issue, we have three trait package options for your farm. We scour the country for the best so we can get them to you.

We Are Responsive

Our delivery in-season is second to none. Our owners/conditioners have state-of-the-art equipment, so we are capable to deliver in-season quickly. We work very closely with our owner/conditioners to make sure that we can react quickly to any needs you might have. Our 20 years of experience proves we have what it takes to get you what you need, when you need it.


Our Story

For over 20 years, NorthStar Genetics has been growing success for soybean growers in the Upper Midwest.

A Minnesota-based company, NorthStar Genetics began based on a low availability of early maturing soybean varieties in the area and a desire to give local growers the opportunities that soybeans could offer. In 1996, NorthStar was given a license to market Roundup Ready® soybean varieties and has since grown to offering Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®, Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™, and LibertyLink® varieties to over four states and has been deemed the largest privately held seed company in Minnesota.

NorthStar Genetics recently expanded into the corn and alfalfa business, offering locally grown varieties with specific traits for the area to their farmers.

As the demand for soybeans grew and the genetics offered earlier and earlier maturities, NorthStar Genetics decided to take their business North into Canada. NorthStar Genetics’ Canadian operation serves Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, witnessing growth of the crop from almost zero acres into the millions.

NorthStar Genetics is a trusted seed company because of their dedication to local growers and conditions. By testing hundreds of varieties, they are able to designate them to specific areas based on local conditions and be confident that they will perform.

From humble beginnings, NorthStar Genetics currently has 11 staff members and proudly serves four states and three Western Canadian provinces offering the highest quality, locally proven genetics available.