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Giving Our Time and Talents

Conrad “Connie” Lubarski of Argyle, Minnesota, is a winner of one of NorthStar Genetics’ Community Star awards. Lubarski has been presented with $1,000 to give to the charity of his choice, and he has chosen to give it to the Stephen-Argyle Booster Club.

NorthStar Genetics’ Community Star winners are selected based on nominations of exceptional community members who have gone above and beyond to help their community or people around them thrive.

Lubarski has been considered a pillar of the community for all of his life. He was a volunteer firefighter for over 22 1/2 years and a first responder for 20, but his claim to fame was his work with school, as a coach and volunteer.

Lubarski worked first as a teacher at the Catholic school in Argyle and then as an insurance agent at Argyle State Bank Agency.  He now works at Argyle United Insurance following the purchase of the bank by United Valley Bank.  While at St. Rose of Lima school, he taught religious education class and continued to volunteer for nearly 28 years.  Also, as a church lector for over 50 years.  It was while there, he took on the role of coach.  

“They didn’t have money to pay any basketball coach, so I started out with fourth, fifth, and sixth grades volunteering to coach them,” says Lubarski. Lubarski was later offered a payed role as coach of the seventh and eighth grade boys basketball team.  After that, varsity football at Argyle High School, where in 1981 they were the MN Nine-Man State football champions.

“We had some mighty fine teams with some very good players who worked very hard,” Lubarski says of his time as a coach.

While coaching, he also started volunteering in the weight room at the school. It made sense for him as a coach to help his students maintain their physical fitness, but he kept volunteering there when he wasn’t coaching anymore because his sons were there, and later still, once he had no direct connection anymore.

Donating his time is something that he grew up with as a value in his household, so volunteering was a given for him.

“My parents, we didn’t have a lot, but we did have time and talent, and it was always said that if you could share your time and talent with people, that’s kind of what you are put on this earth for, you know, to be a servant to others,” Lubarski shares.

This is a trait he recognized not only from his family, but from his community, as well.

“The people in Argyle, when they want to group together to get something done, they get it done,” he says.  “In observing the likes of people like Larry Carlson, John St. Germain, Willard Johnson, Ray Rapacz, Buster LaBine, Frank Borowicz, and I know I’m missing others.  “I couldn’t believe how much the elders of our community loved their community and worked to make it better. Their example inspired me.”

In a small town community, if you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself, which is a challenge the citizens of Argyle have taken on themselves with open hearts, and is something Connie Lubarski admires and lives himself.

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