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If you haven’t booked your seed yet…

Now that the holiday season has passed, and the temperatures have dropped even lower, it’s time to get down to business. For those farmers who haven’t booked all their seed for 2019, there are some things we would like you to consider that you may not have considered in the past when thinking about which seed to plant.

At NorthStar Genetics, we have an array of soybean seed varieties and corn hybrids with traits and characteristics that can shape the outcome of your crop. It’s important to understand everything that is available to you when choosing the perfect seed for each field on your farm, because the smallest detail about a seed can make a world of difference.

For example, if you’re in an area that can handle a late maturity, you’ve had issues with brown stem rot before, and you know how important excellent emergence and standability are, then you would want to plant our new-for-2019 NS 61624NXR2 (link to tech sheet on website). If you haven’t had a problem with brown stem rot, you might want to try NS 1291NLL for its exceptional emergence. It’s important to look at each characteristic of the seed before making a decision, so we’ve come up with a checklist for each of your fields to help you narrow down the variety or hybrid that will perform the highest on that piece of land.

Click here to view the checklist

Each answer to each question on each of these lists should give you insight into what you are looking for in a variety or hybrid. At NorthStar Genetics, we have a soybean variety or corn hybrid to suit each and every outcome to help you grow the highest performing crop your land can produce.

Click here for more information on our extensive selection of soybean varieties and corn hybrids.