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NorthStar Genetics are Partners in your Profit

By Don Wick

NorthStar Genetics and Kluis Commodities partnered on the Partners in Profit seminar series again this fall. After a long, difficult harvest season, farmers turned out to review the past year and look to the year ahead.

As a reporter, events like the Partners in Profit seminar are extremely valuable. The program includes a mix of agronomic and market-related information.

With the downturn in the soybean market, corn acreage is expected to expand in 2019. Beyond the market situation, NorthStar Genetics regional sales manager, Kyle Krump, said yield will be a consideration for next year. “When these guys are sitting in the combines and bringing all those bushels in, I’d say they’re pretty optimistic about planting corn next year.”

Mother Nature threw everything at this year’s crop. “We went from guys planting early to guys planting well into the month of June; from drought to too much water,” said Krump. “Our first seed production field came off August 27, and there’s still beans out in the field (in late November) so there are a lot of variables that we’re seeing.”

Nationally-known market analyst Al Kluis of Kluis Commodities emphasized the importance of marketing plans. “We had these same meetings a year ago and always like to discuss what we said as a firm last year and how did it work out? What are your marketing targets? What are your plans for the crop you have in the field and the crop that you’ll be growing in 2019? Margins are pretty tight right now, but I think we have information to help create an effective marketing plan.”

In addition to crops, markets, and weather, the seminar reviewed the latest technology. More farmers are using farm management software to measure the impact of agronomic decisions. Climate Business Manager, Dan Coombe, said digital technology can help growers focus on the details. “Something as small as a planter speed issue to something as big as a hybrid decision, everything we do in the field makes such a huge impact on the bottom line of the farm and what we allow you to do is start tracking those decisions.”

We may be in a world of smartphones and social media, but people still buy from people. Relationships are important, and the NorthStar Genetics team understands the value in providing the tools to assist their current and future customers. Information is a precious commodity. NorthStar Genetics is committed to being a resource for the farm community.

Lyle Marcus, Marshall, MN

Alan Muhs, Mankato, MN