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This coming November, NorthStar Genetics has teamed up with has teamed up with Al Kluis and Cory Bratland of Kluis Commodity Advisors to bring their third annual Partners in Profit event to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. This event was created to help NorthStar customers gain insight on how to better market their products and has been proven to be extremely valuable to attendees. For over 40 years, Kluis has studied world markets and charted grain prices, giving him a level of expertise when it comes to making the best decisions about selling soybeans and corn.

According to Kluis, farmers need to do two main things: Get the best yield they possibly can and sell their crops for as much as they possibly can. “In today’s volatile markets, getting a good yield is only half the battle. The other is trying to make intelligent marketing decisions,” Kluis says.

In order to give attendees a leg up, Kluis intends to look back at what was covered in last year’s seminars and to dissect what worked (as well as what didn’t).

“Actually, a lot of what we recommended was very successful,” says Kluis. “That we were aggressive and forward selling for both corn and soybean products. That will be fun to, kind of, go through slide by slide what we recommended at the meetings in 2017 and turning the page and looking at 2019 with the crazy trade war … What are the short- and long-term repercussions? What is the long term for crops in South America? And what is the likely acreage mix we’re looking for with wheat, corn, and soybeans in 2019?”

Kluis will also share his predictions on the current soybean tariff China has imposed on the U.S.A. “China needs our soybeans,” says Kluis. “Their economy is really slowing [and] their stock market is near four-year lows.” Due to China’s need for soy, Kluis predicts an end to the trade war sooner rather than later.

“It’s been negative for our North American farm economy. It’s also been negative for the Chinese economy, as their exports sector has slowed. It’s created more unemployment and it’s taken the stock market down. The Group 20 meeting, which is in Argentina at the end of November – I’m optimistic that during those meeting the president of the U.S. and the premier of China will get together and come up with some kind of plan to de-escalate the trade war.”

In addition to examining the world markets and the trade war, during Partners in Profit, Kluis intends to advise those NorthStar farmers whom may need to sell their soybeans despite the trade war.

Overall, by attending Partners in Profit, NorthStar customers will discover which of their crops are most likely to be the most profitable in 2019. They will get specific recommendations regarding selling and marketing and will be armed with information that will help make long-term decisions.

The Partners in Profit full list of topics will include:

• Market Outlook and Strategies
• State of the Union Post 2018 Election
• U.S. Trade Discussion
• Land Values and Trends
• Climate Field View Tools
• Market Factors and Weather
• NorthStar Products to Build Profit

To register for a Partners in Profit event near you,