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Meet Your DSMs

Working out the mysteries of nature is one of the greatest challenges of farming. When you add the distinct (and always changing) needs of every piece of land in a parcel, the whole experience can be an enigma to say the least. Factor in the pressure of your crop being your livelihood on top of everything else, and farming goes from mysterious to downright anxiety inducing.

That’s why NorthStar Genetics has assembled a team of DSMs with expert-level experience in farming. The number one objective of the NorthStar team is helping farmers profit, and providing the support and knowledge needed to get your farm to a state of maximum yield. NorthStar has a DSM for every territory, and we want to make sure you’re well acquainted with the NorthStar team so that you can find the agronomic advice and support you need.

Patrick Bukowski – Patrick graduated from SDSU with an Ag Business degree in 2016. Prior to that, he was treasurer for his local chapter of Future Farmers of America, solidifying his passion for agriculture throughout his years of school. FFA took Patrick around the United States, particularly to Monsanto’s research facilities in Hawaii and St. Louis. Before joining the NorthStar team, Patrick worked as a Sales Agronomist in Northern Minnesota, building his knowledge of NorthStar products. Patrick’s territory is South Dakota, where he can help you with all of your NorthStar queries. 

Bryce Lindeman – Bryce grew up working on a farm, inspiring him to study Agronomy at South Dakota State University. During his studies, he began working as an independent crop consultant for CB Agronomics while also continuing to farm. His farming and consulting background gave Bryce a broad understanding of the agriculture community, presenting him the perfect skillset to become a NorthStar Genetics DSM, where he is currently taking care of Southern Minnesota.

Dustin Mittleider – Dustin was born and raised in Jamestown, North Dakota. He came to NorthStar after spending 15 years in various other Agriculture roles, including as a Station Manager at Kensal Farmers Elevator. Dustin thrives to provide the best customer service possible and will get you answers when you need them. He is currently taking care of Western North Dakota for all of your seed needs and crop advice.

Kyle Krump – Kyle grew up in agriculture, both as a member of his local FFA chapter, but also as a trusted helper on a family member’s farm in the area of Wahpeton, North Dakota. Kyle has been working in ag retail since 2001, and came to the NorthStar team in February of 2012. He attended NDSCS where he studied Crop Production Sales, which led him straight to work in the field of Retail Agronomy. Kyle’s is the Regional Sales Manager and his territory is Southeast North Dakota, where he will help with all of your soybean agronomic questions and needs.

Patrick, Dustin, Bryce, and Kyle are NorthStar Genetics’ most trusted experts to help you get a farm that profits. To get advice about how you can increase your yield without increasing cost, visit, or reach out to your local DSM.