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NorthStar Genetics’ Community Stars

We all know someone that would do anything for others. A person who puts the needs of their community and peers before their own, every single time. These people are always ready to lend a helping hand, a kind word of encouragement, or a home cooked meal – no matter how inconvenient the timing. These are the people we know we can call on anytime for anything, and rather than making the distressed more anxious, they always know what to do or say. They’re the ones that drive our communities, schools, and organizations to greatness, even though it’s usually behind the scenes shielded from the public eye.

NorthStar Genetics has always aimed to put a focus on community. By growing seed locally, and engaging local growers, community spirit is at the core of our business model. That’s why we asked you to nominate the members of YOUR communities that set an example for us all, the “Community Stars” in your region.

We introduced the Community Star initiative in August of 2017 with the intent of spotlighting individuals that make a difference. We carefully considered all the nominations, and by November we had selected our winners:

Tony Boehm – Tony is an Ag instructor and FFA advisor in Richland County, North Dakota. He routinely spends extra hours with his students as well as members of the FFA. He has also volunteered his time making improvements to his local softball field and planting flowers for the school.

Kevin and Deb Reinowski – Kevin and Deb, located in Anamoose, North Dakota play a huge role in the inner workings of their local community. They oversee a large garden, which donates produce to the Anamoose school, and constantly set aside their own tasks to help others.

Kevin Miller – Kevin is a very busy grower that also has a livestock operation near Brownton, Minnesota. Despite the demands of his operation, Kevin actively aids with fundraisers for the local Lion’s club (as well as general community fundraisers), is a former board member of The Brownton Co-op Ag Center, and is currently on the township board.

Alan Enger – Alan, located in Harrisburg, South Dakota, has been an active team member of Farm Rescue, an organization committed to helping growers seed, harvest, or hay in times of severe illness, injury, or natural disaster. He has also been instrumental in finding donated hay for Farm Rescue, to help growers experiencing severe drought.

At NorthStar Genetics, we wanted to recognize these Community Stars for serving their communities. We value hard work, dedication to your neighbor, and going above and beyond for those you serve. Each of these winners will be awarded with $1,000 to present to their charity of choice.

We’re proud to support these Community Stars, and to serve the communities we live and work in.