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Corn Hybrids

Written by Cheryl Manness One of the most important decisions in growing corn is hybrid selection, suggests the Manitoba Corn Growers Association. Selecting a hybrid that will perform under the… Read more

Soybeans in June: An Emerging Issue

By Geoff Geddes When you know what to look for, it’s that much easier to find it. So, when you’re walking the fields this June, it’s wise to keep some… Read more

Seeding Soybeans 201

By Ron Friesen The cost of seed treatment for soybeans adds up quickly, depending on what you buy. Stand-alone fungicide seed treatment costs $6 to $7 an acre. Fungicide and… Read more

Better Beds Mean Better Beans

By Geoff Geddes Whether you’re a baby or a soybean, how you start in life has an impact on how you finish. While soybeans may be slightly less demanding than… Read more