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Interest Growing in New Crop Rotations

By Geoff Geddes Marketers have learned that overused phrases like “new and improved” make consumers tune out. Yet when talk turns to new and improved corn and soybean varieties, and… Read more

Soybeans, The First Stages

By Ron Friesen One to three weeks after seeding, soybean growers begin scouting their fields for early signs about the health of emerging seedlings. If cotyledons are clean, hypocotyls are… Read more

Precision Planting for Corn

By Andrea Hilderman Corn is a growing crop in Western Canada, making inroads and slowly expanding its footprint as earlier maturing hybrids become available. Corn does require some additional considerations… Read more

Inoculants: Avoid Them at Your Peril

By Geoff Geddes Rain, rain go away. That’s not something you’d hear a soybean farmer say. Weather is a key factor in achieving big soybean yields, but it is not the only… Read more

Mind Your Ps and Ks

By Ron Friesen About a decade ago, when soybeans were being introduced into Manitoba, one of the main selling points was that soybeans were low-input because they fixed their own… Read more

The Best Corn Crop You Can Grow

By Andrea Hilderman Each season, growers often try new varieties, new management practices, or entirely new crops. In the last number of years, corn and soybeans have seen quite big… Read more

The Best Soybean Crop You Can Grow

By Geoff Geddes A fast start may not be everything, but it sure beats the alternative. That’s especially true for new soybean farmers, as the more you know in a… Read more

Why Book Seed Early?

Booking soybean seed early is a part of the growing cycle that is sometimes overlooked. Most growers will agree that planning is an essential part of farm success, but even… Read more

The Benefits of Growing Soybeans

By Ron Friesen Now that soybeans have become an established crop in Manitoba, how do they fit into the rotation? That’s the question growers need to ask themselves as they… Read more