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Importance of Early Weed Control

By Ron Friesen Western Canadian soybean growers face a tough battle against early weeds this spring after an unusually wet fall left fields in terrible shape. A wet September followed… Read more

What’s Your Plan B for This Spring?

Getting seed into the ground in a proper and timely manner is number one priority for growers each spring. Spring is typically very busy for farmers and industry, and this… Read more

Benefits of Enlist E3™ Soybeans

By Ron Friesen A new soybean trait to Western Canada will give growers another tool in the ongoing struggle against herbicide resistant weeds. Enlist E3™ soybeans contain traits which provide… Read more

How Soybeans Can Help You This Spring

By Andrea Hilderman Preparing for the 2020 growing season has its challenges due largely to an incredibly ugly 2019 fall. Growers are making final decisions for the upcoming season, so… Read more

Choices to Help the Bottom Line

By Geoff Geddes For farmers, the bottom line must be top of mind, so when you talk about the best soybean varieties and corn hybrids for 2020, they are all… Read more

In Search of the Perfect Seed

By Geoff Geddes All growers have that moment where they find the magic seed offering bountiful harvests and wealth; then the alarm rings and they wake up. While the concept… Read more

Floury Leafy Silage Corn

By Sarah Green For many farmers, choosing a silage corn hybrid is an important decision. When considering the factors of yield potential, leaf area, and kernel type, not all corn… Read more